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Community Fundraising Solutions, LLC understands that finding the right fundraiser for your school can be a challenge.  We created the Community Card with schools in mind, a simple process that will excite your students, families, and local businesses.


Our number one goal is to help you raise money for your school.  We have partnered with local businesses who share this goal. 

There is no cost to the Community Card Fundraiser and schools do not need to purchase the cards before selling them.   This means that the funds you raise per card you keep, without left over inventory.  


This is a fundraiser that your school can do every year!      

 Purchasers will receive a hard-plastic discount card that they can easily store in their wallet.  The offers on the card can be used repeatedly throughout the year.  They can take advantage of our website and our mobile app to explore participating businesses as well as be notified of sales from their favorite stores.    This fundraiser can be done year after year. 

about the community card

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